Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book
Antiviral essential oils book

Antiviral essential oils book

Laszlo* SKU: LV0025

Antiviral essential oils book

Laszlo* SKU: LV0025
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Antiviral essential oils. Jean-Pierre Willem

  • Product information

    AUTHOR: Jean-Pierre Willem

    2018 - 1st edition (Portuguese)

    TRANSLATION: Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê, Eng. Chemistry, PhD.

    REVIEW: Luzmarina Leonbordes
    LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese
    BRAND: Editora Laszlo
    ISBN: 978-85-5754-031-6
    HEIGHT: 23cm
    WIDTH: 16cm
    DEPTH: 1.2cm
    FINISHING: Colored Core Brochure

    The attack of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites that invade human organisms causes infectious and contagious diseases. Cold, flu, chickenpox, shingles or herpes zoster, herpes, hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis ... are some examples of relatively common viral diseases.

    More serious diseases such as AIDS, SARS, bird flu, Ebola, smallpox... are also caused by viruses. Due to the porosity of the inflamed mucosa, all infectious agents that behave like antigens reach the bloodstream and create immunological disturbances while inducing the decay of our natural defenses.

    All these chronic infections and other antigens can lead to very serious symptoms in the joints, brain and cardiovascular system. Fortunately, we have essential oils capable of neutralizing these intruders, as well as therapies capable of restoring the immune balance.

    In this work, you will find the complete presentation of essential oils capable of neutralizing viruses and other pathogenic agents, as well as the respective mode of use for both adults and children.


    Jean-Pierre Willem is a doctor of medicine, surgeon and anthropologist, born in Sedan, France, in 1938. He has conducted humanitarian missions, since 1959 in Algeria, assisting victims of catastrophes and conflicts. Willem is also a physician and president of Organic Union International and a physician and founder of Médecins Aux Pieds Nus.


    • Preface of the first edition in Portuguese

    • Introduction

    1. What is a virus

    2. Major Molecules of Essential Oils

    3. Essential oils against infectious danger

    4. Antiviral essential oil formulas for different diseases

    5. Use of essential oils in pediatrics

    • Attachments

    • Scientific references on the use of oils

    • Antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal essences in the field of health

    • Major works by Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem

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Customer Reviews

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Filipa Pereira Pereira
Fantástico, muito útil a ter sempre por perto

Aconselho a quem possa adquirir este livro.

Susana Loureiro da Silva

Livro Óleos essenciais antivirais | Jean-Pierre Willem

Sónia Gigante
Muito bommmmmmm

Entrega rápida e muito bem embalada! Livro 5 estrelas

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