The Alchemy of Menopause book

The Alchemy of Menopause book

Laszlo SKU: LV0030

The Alchemy of Menopause book

Laszlo SKU: LV0030
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  • Alchemy of Menopause - Cathy Skipper

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    AUTHOR: Cathy Skipper

    CODE BARS: 988588115060

    ISBN: 9-885-88115-06-0

    1st edition

    LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese

    BRAND: Editora Laszlo

    Height: 23.0±1.0 cm

    WIDTH: 15.5±0.5 cm

    DEPTH: 2.5±0.5 cm

    NUMBER OF PAGES: 150 pp

    FINISHING: Brochure


    Are you ready to restore balance in yourself and recognize yourself as a powerful woman? Most women do not perceive menopause as a natural transition, nor are they aware of the empowering inner work this period offers. The vast majority do not even know the correct medical definition for this process. “Menopause marks the transition from learning to mastery,” teaches Cathy. She brings to light a new being: the woman in her totality and maturity.
    Based on Carl Gustav Jung's concepts of inner alchemy, the author presents us with a positive and loving approach, in which we are invited to reframe our view of menopause and its symptoms.
    Essential oils are suggested as guides. They will help you explore your own interior and find your light and dark, hardness and kindness, strengths and weaknesses, as there is nothing more powerful, safe and easily applicable to explore our psyche than aromas.
    In this reading you will discover a set of basic information that integrates concepts, tools and reflections so that you can take full advantage of this transformational process. In the second part, the author introduces us to the journey through the alchemical stages.
    This is, without a doubt, a book that must be presented to all the women who are part of our lives - young, adult, elderly - because menopause is not a disease, something that must be cured, but, yes, the opportunity to to grow, to live, to be free and happy!

    AUTHOR :
    Cathy Skipper studies female cycles as tools for self-knowledge. Each phase of our life has its own rhythm and will move its respective transformations. Menopause, far beyond what we are taught, represents an initiation path, which can be understood as an opportunity for growth.
    Above all, Cathy Skipper proposes, in this reading, to rescue the study of the feminine cyclical nature. Through her teachings and proposals, she reminds us that accessing our individual healing processes boosts collective healing processes.

    PART I
    Preparing for the Menopause Transformation and Empowerment Journey
    Chapter 1–Introduction
    Chapter 2–Menopause as a Transformational Journey
    Chapter 3–The Role of Aroma in the Alchemical Journey
    Chapter 4 – The Anatomy of the Psyche
    Chapter 5 – Individuation
    Chapter 6 – Turning Experiences into Wisdom
    Chapter 7 – The Personal Unconscious and the Shadow
    Chapter 8 – The Collective Unconscious and the Animus
    Chapter 9-Conclusion
    The alchemical journey of menopause
    Chapter 10 – What are the alchemical stages?
    Chapter 11 – Calcinatio – I Embody Transforming Fire
    Chapter 12 – Solutio – Feeling is Healing
    Chapter 13 – Coagulatio – My body is my home
    Chapter 14 – Sublimatio – Flying high like an eagle
    Chapter 15 – Mortificatio – The courage to let go
    Chapter 16 – Separatio – Honoring all the parts that make us up
    Chapter 17 – Coniunctio – The Holy Union
    Chapter 18 – Conclusion – Where do we go from here?

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