The Essential Oils Bible

The Essential Oils Bible

Laszlo SKU: LV0031

The Essential Oils Bible

Laszlo SKU: LV0031
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  • The Essential Oils Bible - Danièle Festy

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    AUTHOR: Daniele Festy

    1st edition LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese - 2021

    BRAND: Editora Laszlo


    HEIGHT: 23±2cm

    WIDTH: 16±2cm

    DEPTH: 1.2±0.4cm

    NUMBER OF PAGES: 784pp


    With this reference book, discover the fabulous potential of essential oils for health, beauty and well-being, for a cleaner and more pleasant home, for healthier and more fragrant cooking.
    This unique, complete and practical bible brings together all the information for you to live better.
    - Get more familiar with the 79 most effective essential oils in aromatherapy: tea tree, wintergreen, true evergreen, ylang ylang...
    - Utilize the most suitable admin lives for maximum action and security.
    - Visualize the application points with our clear illustrations, and adopt good gestures and attitudes that will complement the treatment.
    - Assemble your personalized kit of essential oils, so that you always have your essential bottles at hand. Children, mothers-to-be, the elderly, athletes, young people, all have essential oils.
    - Put three essential oils for emergencies in your bag: peppermint for headaches and easy digestion, Roman chamomile for stress relief, ravintsara for colds and flu.

    French pharmacist Danièle Festy has dedicated her life to promoting natural health. Its goal was to popularize simple, natural and effective remedies that could help families treat, on a day-to-day basis, from minor injuries to chronic problems. His pioneering work allowed practices such as phytotherapy, aromatherapy, acupressure and reflexology to reach the general public, bringing a new approach to traditional medical practice. Passionate about the science of food and convinced of the power of essential oils, Festy has made a career marked by sharing her knowledge both with the patients she sees in her office and with her thousands of readers, who purchase her books and read her blog. She herself responded to the messages and questions left to her and, eventually, published posts on topics that could be of general interest. The books he published through Éditions Leduc.s., brought to Brazil exclusively by Editora Laszlo, are like encyclopedias of natural health. The bestseller “My bible of essential oils” has become a success not only in France but in other countries since it appeared in 2008. The book that you now have in your hands is just one of the vast and important works of this author, who spared no efforts to teach us how to live healthier. With a prominent place in current aromatherapy, Daniéle Festy passed away on August 21, 2018, at the age of 75.


    General considerations
    Considerations about essential oils

    The fascinating world of essential oils and aromatherapy
    A little of history
    Aromatherapy in 22 questions and answers
    Aromatherapy: a personalized treatment
    Routes of administration
    olfactory pathway
    Internal roads
    Cutaneous route
    The most important essential oils
    Carriers and holders for essential oils

    Aromatherapy for everyday life: care from A to Z
    Appendix: The 15 Best Essential Oils for Massage
    Index of conditions and diseases cited in this book

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