Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book
Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book
Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book
Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book
Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book

Aromatherapy Applied to Dentistry book

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    AUTHOR: Bernard Montain
    2019 - 1st edition in Portuguese
    LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese
    BRAND: Editora Laszlo
    ISBN: 978-85-5754-044-6
    HEIGHT: 23cm
    WIDTH: 16cm
    DEPTH: 1cm
    FINISHING: Brochure

    “No one can deny the benefits of medicines. Its use brought significant advances and saved countless lives. However, its inappropriate use and long-term prescription also led individuals to acquire so-called “iatrogenic” diseases, which triggered many deaths.
    Antibiotics, an absolute weapon of allopathy against different infections, are becoming less and less effective due to their inadvertent use in agriculture and veterinary medicine.
    There is an alternative: aromatherapy, the pharmacopoeia of which is universal and devoid of any side effects.
    In the field of diseases of the mouth and teeth, aromatherapy can advantageously supplant chemical medicines.
    The magnificent laboratory of the plant world allows the development of remedies based on essential oils, consistent in all respects with the fundamental Hippocratic precept Primum non nocere (First, do no harm)”.
    “Fascinated by the natural methods of medicine from an early age, he studied homeopathy, toxicology, aromatherapy, occlusion, osteopathy and naturotherapy with German, American, Swedish and French masters. He is a Doctor in Dental Surgery (Faculty of Medicine – Paris VII), Naturotherapist (Faculty of Medicine – Paris XIII), Medical Psychologist (Faculty of Medicine – Paris V), Graduated in Natural Medicine (Faculty of Medicine – Paris XIII), Lecturer Emeritus from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris (Homeopathy, naturotherapy).
    The Doctor. Bernard Montain continues his quest for knowledge in the field of natural medicine. He practices natural medicine in the field of dentistry and teaches at different colleges across the world such as North Africa and the Middle East. Meniere's laboratory of natural remedies against vertigo and many other pathologies opened in Belgium.
    Journalist and writer, he is the author of 21 books, in which he reports his research, experiences and conclusions! “

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