Basic Book of Chemistry of EOs and Aromatherapy

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Basic Book of Chemistry of EOs and Aromatherapy

Basic Book of Chemistry of EOs and Aromatherapy

Laszlo SKU: LV0020
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Basis of Chemistry of EOs and Aromatherapy. Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel

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    Author: Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel

    2019 - 3rd revised and updated edition (Portuguese)
    LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese
    BRAND: Editora Laszlo
    ISBN: 978-85-5754-023-1
    HEIGHT: 23cm
    WIDTH: 16cm
    DEPTH: 2cm
    FINISHING: Brochure

    “But, after all, what are essential oils? What is your relationship with aromatology and aromatherapy? Is it an esoteric, complementary, holistic therapy? Does it have a scientific basis?"
    According to the author, Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel, “the main objective of this book is to provide this clarification, disseminating technical and scientific knowledge, which is still limited to academic circles, while also addressing holism, helping professionals - aromatherapists, biologists, pharmacists , physiotherapists, doctors, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, chemists, therapists - and patients".
    After the first and second editions were released and sold out, we launched this revised and expanded third edition, with the addition of a chapter where the research of the author's doctoral thesis enters. This book makes it possible for professionals or, simply, users of essential oils to acquire technical knowledge and start using, in their everyday and everyday verbalization, terms such as: chemotype, chromatogram, major actives, steam extraction, hydrosol, family and botanical species.
    Information, such as that contained in this book, is extremely important to strengthen this area, which, although it already has a lot to offer, is in constant growth, with much still to be discovered.
    People fall in love with this area when they know more about the subject, not just about its theory, but when they prove the benefits of essential oils in practice, experiencing them in different ways. This more scientific form is one of them.
    This book will help the reader so that he can, from this publication, "walk alone" in the use of essential oils and aromatology. Good scents..”
    1. Essential oils
    2. Ways of extracting essential oils
    3. The chemistry of essential oils
    4. The aroma and its neurological perception
    5. Legislation: rules, records and resolutions
    6. Toxicity
    7. Interaction between essential oils and the body: pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
    8. Forms of application and use
    9. Veterinary use of essential oils and hydrolates
    10. Therapeutic applications
    11. Cost of essential oils
    12. Vibrational frequency and the holism of essential oils
    13. Special chapter (doctoral thesis and the author's postdoctoral research)
    Final considerations
    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    Annex I 343 Colored board
    Referrals from international journals and websites
    Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel graduated in Chemistry from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in 1985. She became Master in Engineering in the Area of ​​Materials Science, in 1992, from the same university. He specialized in Toxicology, acting in toxicological chemical analysis between 1989 and 2012. He specialized for the second time in essential oils at the Pontifical Catholic University of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), in 2007, and completed a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences (UFRGS), in 2014, having defended his thesis on the anxiolytic action of essential oils. Then, in his postdoctoral research, in 2019, he researched the therapeutics of essential oils in the immune and psychoneuroemotional systems with human volunteers. He continues his academic research in the therapeutic area with essential oils in the postdoc in partnership with the Complutense University of Madrid. His Lattes curriculum can be accessed at <> He gives courses and lectures in the area of ​​essential oil chemistry at universities and vocational education institutions. It develops formulations, exclusively flavored with essential oils, for therapeutic cosmetics and environmental and business perfumery.
    Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel graduated in classical ballet, having started her studies at the age of six, remaining connected to the dance experience until the present date. He has training and experience in therapeutic systems of self-knowledge – Dr. Bach, Reiki, Enneagram, Pathwork, Energetic Dynamics – and in Anthroposophy, by the Brazilian Association of Anthroposophical Medicine. He is a Scout for the Union of Scouts of Brazil (UEB). Zen Buddhist practitioner of the Soto Zen School.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria Gonçalves
Excelente o livro.

Muito bom

Ana Rodrigues

Livro muito completo para quem deseja aprofundar os seus conhecimentos na área da aromaterapia.

marisa carvalho

Eu ja recebi os livros e adorei, e toda a delicadeza no embrulho
Me senti amada

Liliana Silva
Foi super rápido

O livro chegou em ótimas condições e super rápido. Acho que n valia a pena vir tão bem acondicionado. Perfeito

Filipa Lança

Livro com conteúdo excepcional. Uma ferramenta extremamente útil para quem quer saber um pouco mais sobre os óleos essenciais

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