Essence and Alchemy book

Essence and Alchemy book

Laszlo SKU: LV0034

Essence and Alchemy book

Laszlo SKU: LV0034
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  • Essence and Alchemy - Mandy Aftel

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    AUTHOR: Mandy Aftel

    1st edition LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese - 2021

    BRAND: Editora Laszlo

    ISBN: 978-85-5754-068-2

    HEIGHT: 23±2cm

    WIDTH: 16±2cm

    DEPTH: 1.8±0.4cm

    NUMBER OF PAGES: 370pp



    Always surrounded by a mix of fascination and mystery, fragrances are elements of universal delight. From playful to scientific use, they accompany our subjective constructions and also the timeless ones. In history, they feature narratives of love and war disputes. They are present in mourning and celebrations. They are still healing resources and premise for many superstitions.
    In “Essence and Alchemy”, renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel introduces us to the primordial nature of aromas. In this reading, you will not only gain a basic understanding of the methodology needed to create perfumes, .but. S will also be sensitized by the principles of olfactory awareness, appreciating the trajectory and spirit of the essences themselves.
    This second edition in Portuguese has been enriched with beautiful old illustrations of alchemy, medicine and perfumery. Hardcover, the book has a presentation outlined with refinement.
    The reader will have a practical guide to exercising creativity and developing authenticity. In addition to theory, clear guidelines are provided on the raw material selection process and the entire art of olfactory composition. You will get to know the main characteristics of perfumery notes (head, heart and base), you will have access to reports of the experience of renowned perfumers and you will know what are the necessary instruments to become a perfumer. The work also has chapters dedicated to perfumed waters and also on the relationship between perfumes and sensuality and spirituality.
    This is certainly a historic and indispensable example for perfumery lovers. Even those who don't want to manufacture perfumes can immerse themselves in a journey to transform their consciousness and live the present moment more fully.

    AUTHOR :
    Mandy Aftel is considered one of the most important and influential natural perfumers in the world. The first edition of his work, released in English, was conceptualized as “the most extraordinary treatise on the history and manufacture of perfumes”. Its importance became notable for helping to create the trend towards the use of natural ingredients in perfumery.

    Chapter 1
    The Spirit of the Alchemist: The Natural History of Perfumes
    Chapter 2
    Raw material: The basics of perfume
    Chapter 3
    Fixation calculation: The base notes
    Chapter 4
    Aromatic stanzas: Heart notes
    Chapter 5
    The Sublime and the Volatile: Top Notes
    Chapter 6
    An Octave of Odors: The Art of Composition
    Chapter 7
    Le flacon de seducion: Perfume and the Boudoir
    Chapter 8
    Perfumed waters: The bath fantasy
    Chapter 9
    Scents of the Gods: Perfume and the Soul
    The Beginner Perfumer's Tools

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Ernesta Cruz
Maravilhoso conhecimento em forma de livro.

Sou apaixonada por perfumes e este livro vai para além do cheiro.

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