cannabinoid medicine book

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cannabinoid medicine book

cannabinoid medicine book

Laszlo SKU: LV0048
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AUTHOR: Mark Sircus 2021 – 1st edition in Brazilian Portuguese


One of Nature's most useful and safe medicines for treating stress, emotional and neurological disorders, pain, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer is cannabidiol (CBD). It is the main non-psychoactive component of Cannabis and exhibits several therapeutic actions, including anticonvulsant, sedative, hypnotic, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. CBD has been proven to help in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, anxiety, schizophrenia, sleep disorders and diabetes. And it offers a significant health benefit to cancer patients, even in advanced stages. In a special edition for Brazilians, this book presents cannabinoid medicine, with a comprehensive protocol, according to which medicinal Cannabis can be prescribed (or simply ingested) in combination with other substances (such as magnesium) to amplify its effectiveness against several health problems. I hope that Cannabinoid Medicine can offer you a sensible and safe alternative—an option given by nature. As you read this book, it's important to keep in mind that the more you know, the better your choices will be regarding your health and the health of those you love. Mark Sircus


Acupuncturist, trained in oriental and “pastoral” medicine, Dr. Mark Sircus is also the author of several relevant and highly regarded books in the field of alternative medicine. Its methods are based both on the medical sciences, as a result of its long years of clinical experience, and on the performance of doctors from all over the world, supporters of this differentiated system, who practice medicine in a brilliant way.
His books are highly referenced and the lay public finds little difficulty in understanding the presentation of complex and controversial topics in the health area. Many years ago, Dr. Sircus researches into the human condition and the causes of disease, and as a result has managed to bring together many divergent medical systems into a new form of medicine, dubbed “Natural Allopathic Medicine”.
Natural Allopathic Medicine thus represents a new therapeutic principle that revolutionizes allopathic medicine and naturopathy itself, offering a radical change in thought and medical practice. Dr.Sircus's protocol primarily addresses the fundamentals of physiology. Its approach is humanitarian, as it also considers people who cannot afford expensive treatments or medicines.

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