Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book
Essential oils and cancer book

Essential oils and cancer book

Laszlo* SKU: LV0026

Essential oils and cancer book

Laszlo* SKU: LV0026
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Book - Essential Oils and Cancer. Anne-Marie Giraud

Product information

  • AUTHOR: Anne-Marie Giraud

    2018 - 1st edition (Portuguese) TRANSLATION: Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê, Eng. Chemistry, PhD. REVIEW: Luzmarina Leonbordes
    LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese
    BRAND: Editora Laszlo
    ISBN: 978-85-5754-027-9
    HEIGHT: 23cm
    WIDTH: 16cm
    DEPTH: 1.6cm
    FINISHING: Colored Core Brochure

    Essential Oils and Cancer - An Innovative, Natural Therapeutic Approach by Dr. Anne-Marie Giraud, is one of the launches by Editora Laszlo produced during CIAROMA III.

    Want to find out how to support cancer patients with aromatherapy?

    This book addresses the potential use of aromatherapy as an integrative practice to support the cancer patient. After a historical review of the use of aromatherapy from ancient times to the present day, the author discusses the mode of action of essential oils, both from a biochemical, energetic and emotional point of view.

    Essential oils are useful in all stages of cancer: first in its onset and then during surgery and throughout chemotherapy or radiotherapy, thus reducing side effects (nausea, fatigue, burns, etc.).

    They improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from or have had cancer.
    They stimulate immune defenses, attenuated by conventional treatments, and preserve healthy cells from the deleterious effects of allopathic treatments.

    The author also presents important scientific research, as well as a retrospective study of more than 3,000 cancer patients who received essential oils as an adjuvant therapy to conventional treatments. This research and study allow a broader understanding of the mechanisms of action of essential oils on cancer cells and show a higher survival rate in patients under combined "allopathic-aromatic" treatment.

    The author defends the alliance between conventional treatments and aromatherapy, as well as encourages scientific and clinical research to promote essential oils as an integrative medicine beneficial to cancer patients.

    This book is intended for all audiences, healthcare professionals, patients and anyone interested in natural therapies.


    “I was born in 1963 in Marseille. I have been attending for 26 years, in private practice, as a general practitioner specializing in aromatherapy, homeopathy and phytotherapy. From 1991 to 2015 I practiced in Aix in Provence and in March 2015 I moved my office to Marseille. I follow many cancer patients, combining complementary therapies with conventional treatments prescribed by my oncologist colleagues.

    Many of them return to me with incredible results in the well-being of their patients who combined the two treatments (better tolerance to conventional chemotherapy treatments, radiotherapies, hormone therapy, better physical disposition, improved self-esteem, etc.). In some cases, there is even a better therapeutic response to conventional treatment. A therapeutic synergy with certain combinations of essential oils can be created mainly to act in synergy with conventional treatments. Dr. Anne-Marie Giraud

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carla Lourenço
Óleos essenciais e câncer

Muito interessante e facilita boas aprendizagens

Fernanda Folgado

Gostei do conteúdo do livro, mas aborda estudos científicos e estava na expectativa do assunto óleos essencias ser mais específico nos tratamentos.
Mas é sempre útil o conteúdo do livro. Obrigada

Sandra Moreira

Livro Óleos essenciais e câncer

Mônica Barbara

Mto bom

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