Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy book

Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy book

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  • Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy - Sue Clark

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      AUTHOR: Sue Clarke

      CODE BARS: 9788557540514

      1st edition LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese

      BRAND: Editora Laszlo

      Height: 23.0±1.0 cm

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      NUMBER OF PAGES: 432 pp

      FINISHING: Brochure


    At first glance, chemistry is a topic that can be intimidating for many people. However, it is a fundamental and indispensable tool for us to understand and study aromatherapy. In popular language, the term “chemistry” ended up acquiring very pejorative connotations. However, thinking that it is not associated with natural products is a big and negligent mistake.
    Essential oils are substances that fall under the branch of organic chemistry. Understanding them through this perspective facilitates the understanding of their properties, ways of handling and therapeutic applications. In addition, it is extremely relevant for safe use and quality analysis.
    In “Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy”, students or professionals who use essential oils will have a reference in their hands to interpret and appreciate the analytical data, referring to the oils they use.
    The content is introduced with a presentation of general chemistry and organic chemistry. Functional groups, families of compounds, extraction methods and information on techniques and analysis processes, which are relevant to the knowledge and purity of essential oils, are described. Concepts such as chemotype, synergy or chromatography can be assimilated more clearly. The work also includes the chemical and compositional data of the essential oils most used in aromatherapy and a glossary of terminologies in the area, very useful for research and explanations.
    Acting as a bridge, understanding this book will allow you to advance to further study. It is hoped that the information contained herein will provide a partnership between the spiritual and scientific aspects, driving the progress of aromatherapy.

    AUTHOR :
    Sue Clark is a former Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford and Wigan and Leigh Colleges. He is currently a freelance journalist based in Cheshire, UK. In this work, she intends to demystify chemistry, making it more understandable and enjoyable. Source of effective, accurate and accessible information, this reading proposes to provide more autonomy and broaden the perspectives of studying essential oils. Basic science concepts are explained and developed so they can be applied to aromatherapy.

    -Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of chemistry -
    organization of matter
    Types of chemical bonds
    -Chapter 2 – Organic Chemistry
    Important concepts in organic chemistry
    Representation of organic molecules
    Functional groups
    homologous series
    -Chapter 3 - Families of compounds of essential oils
    the terpenes
    Oxygenated compounds
    Other compounds
    -Chapter 4 - Processing, extraction and purity
    Extraction from natural products
    Terminology of extracts
    Essencial oils
    The effects of processing and handling on oil composition
    -Chapter 5 - Analysis techniques
    Mass spectrometry (EM or MS)
    optical rotation
    Specific Gravity (GE)
    Refractive index
    the sense of smell
    -Chapter 6 – Health, disease and therapy
    Information sources
    Research and clinical trials
    Training and regulation
    -Chapter 7 - Composition of essential oils and other materials
    Quality control
    knowing the composition
    organic oils
    Special properties of essential oils: synergy and mitigation
    Chemical purity and standard samples
    Regulatory and consulting bodies
    Chemical composition of essential oils
    Analysis of essential oils and other materials
    popular essences
    The fatty carrier oils
    liquid wax
    Inorganic carrier substances
    Cosmetic and personal care agents
    Water based herbal products
    -Chapter 8 - Handling, safety and application of essential oils
    Introduction and practice
    oil storage
    Legislation and regulatory bodies
    General safety and first aid
    Administration of essential oils
    Precautions and contraindications
    Bibliography and information sources

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