Aromatic Anointing Book

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Aromatic Anointing Book

Aromatic Anointing Book

Laszlo SKU: LV0040
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Aromatic Anointing - Joni Keim & Ruah Bull

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    AUTHORS: Joni Keim & Ruah Bull

    CODE BARS: 9788557540514

    1st edition LANGUAGE: Brazilian Portuguese

    BRAND: Editora Laszlo

    ISBN: 978-65-88115-03-9

    HEIGHT: 23±2cm

    WIDTH: 16±2cm

    DEPTH: 1.2±0.4cm

    NUMBER OF PAGES: 432pp

    FINISH: paperback

    Anointing ceremonies are present in several traditions. They represent a historic and sacred art, which bring in their wake countless teachings and reflections. Did you know that we can apply the precepts of the anointing in our daily lives? When combined with the subtle properties of essential oils, this practice can help us experience and nurture our spirituality more consciously and meaningfully.
    To anoint means, in essence, to “touch with oil”. Traditionally, the act has always been associated with consecrations, tributes, celebrations, moments of gratitude, devotion and healing. Joni Keim & Ruah Bull define anointing as a spiritual blessing. It can be offered to ourselves, other people, places or even objects. In this reading, the authors invite us to bring the sacred into our daily lives, imprinting a new awareness on our routines and personal processes. Essential oils are used and suggested as tools to help visualize, amplify and strengthen an intention.
    Designed to act as a guide, the information contained in “Oils for Aromatic Anointing” is intended to stimulate creativity, intuition and self-knowledge.
    Regardless of religious belief or spiritual practices developed by the reader, the knowledge provided can be explored and adapted for the most diverse uses. They even dialogue with other disciplines, such as transpersonal psychology, holistic body therapies, energy therapies and even nursing practices. They can also be easily integrated into daily rituals, family ceremonies or individual meditations.
    You will learn how to use essential oils to manifest intentions, strengthen purposes, celebrate moments or express gratitude. The book profiles 80 essential oils, including their spiritual teachings, effects on subtle anatomy, and suggested occasions for use. Instructions for creating or enhancing a sacred space are provided, along with detailed descriptions of eleven different categories of ceremonies, such as Rites of Passage, Healing, Gratitude, Love, and Devotion. There is also more information on energy centers and essential oil indications for coordinating with the seasons, solstices, equinoxes, archangels and phases of the moon.

    Joni Keim has worked in the alternative health field for over 30 years as an educator, therapist, consultant and writer. She is certified in the areas of aromatherapy, holistic health sciences, flower essence therapy, massage, therapeutic touch, and energy healing. Joni works as a technical consultant and educator for the natural products and wellness industries. She specializes in creating exclusive compositions with essential oils and integrating alternative/complementary therapies into programs that help define a lifestyle and promote well-being.
    Ruah Bull is a spiritual mentor and works with people across the United States. She incorporates aromatherapy and a suite of ceremonies and her programs of contemplative prayer, incarnational spirituality and imaginative wisdom. Ruah is dedicated to promoting the reintegration of the body/mind/spirit into the Christian tradition.

    Preface to the second edition (Reverend Tim Kellgren)
    Preface to the first edition (Reverend Tim Kellgren)
    -Chapter 1
    Chapter 4
    The touch of aromatic anointing
    body symbology
    An example of the use of body symbology associated with aromatic anointing
    subtle anatomy
    The seven energy centers
    The symbols of the energy centers
    the subtle bodies
    An example of using the Energy Centers associated with the aromatic anointing
    An example of the use of subtle bodies associated with aromatic anointing
    physical symptoms
    An example of the use of physical symptoms associated with aromatic anointing
    Aromatic anointing oils
    Chapter 5
    Aromatic anointing ceremonies for special occasions
    Creating your ceremony
    1 – Plan
    2 – Prepare yourself:
    Provide anointing oil, clean and organize the place
    3 – Create Sacred Space
    4 – Perform the Anointing
    5 – Close The Sacred Space
    6 – After the Anointing Ceremony
    Special occasions for aromatic anointing
    Appendix A
    Safety instructions regarding the use of essential oils
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    The fruits of the spirit and the essential oils associated with them
    Appendix D
    Attributes associated with essential oils
    Appendix E
    Main characteristics of essential oils
    Appendix F
    Archangels and the essential oils associated with them
    Archangels and their associated energy centers
    A brief reference to the archangels

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